Results Assured with the Best Treadmill Now

Do you want to start buying a treadmill but you don’t know which one to choose? To offer you the best sensations and meet your sporting expectations, follow the guide.

First, you need to consider personal items that are critical in choosing the treadmill:

Determine your sporting level: are you a beginner or rather confirmed?

Define your objective:

  • Will your mat be used for cardiac rehabilitation?
  • Getting back in shape?
  • Weight loss?
  • In addition to another sport?
  • Occasional, regular or intensive practice?

Which Carpet For Which Use?

The treadmills and treadmills offer a wide variety of exercise possibilities, in all weathers and at all times.

Occasional Practice

We are talking here about fitness or rehabilitation. The search for performance is not a determining criterion, engine power is not a priority. Opt for and find the best choices there.

Regular Practice

It concerns occasional to regular runners who wish to practice cardio training at home. In this case, we are going to favor a treadmill which allows an average of 45 minutes of running per day like the TC 2 treadmill. The engine power is already comfortable and the user can also choose different training programs and an inclination of up to 10% allowing it to do more muscular work on the legs.

Intensive Practice

For experienced and performance enthusiasts who want to practice regularly, it is better to choose a treadmill whose surface is suitable for all strides. For long training periods and for a run of up to 16 km / h, choose a more complete treadmill like the TC 4 equipped with high-performance technical solutions and more power, offering more training programs.

  • Training and benefiting from a tilt system of up to 10%.
  • From 1 to 8 km / h , your practice revolves around a walking experience (from “slow” to “sporty”). From 8km / h, your practice is oriented towards jogging then running.
  • The treadmill is more compact than the treadmill. There are 2 types: without motor and with motor.

On a treadmill without an engine, it is the support of the foot on the running belt that advances it. For this reason, this mat is tilted to facilitate movement. This mat is lighter, on the other hand, it does not offer the possibility of walking flat and a fluidity which can be limited according to the models (generating in this case more stress on the joints).


On a motorized treadmill, it is a motor that drives the running belt. This therefore has a constant speed, which the user defines at will (from 1km / h). There are many models of treadmills. Each mat is designed to offer you comfort of use over a target speed range, through the dimensioning of elements such as the running surface, engine power or structure. These elements will directly impact the size of the product … and its price.