Neck Massage and the Best Results for You

Neck massage and
stretching are proven methods to relieve tension and knots in the neck as well
as pain. The advantage: everyone can reproduce the massage gestures on

Have a finger in the pie

If the muscles
are poorly irrigated, they often tense up. In other words, the fibers contract
and are even less well irrigated. To get out of this vicious circle and correct
bad postures, we recommend mixing stretching and massage.

It is quite possible to 스웨디시  
massage the neck yourself. This helps relieve pain and regularly irrigate the
muscle. But be careful not to aggravate the tensions. Take enough time to do
the gestures.

In addition:  a massage acts against high tensions only if
it is done several times a week.

One side massage from the back

Firmly press the
fingertips on the muscle and then slowly pull it forwards, passing over the

Place both hands
on either side of the cervical spine

Pull the muscle
slowly forward. It is possible to bend the cervical spine and direct the gaze
upwards slightly.

These stretches
help relax the contracted muscles:

“Floating head”

Imagine a string
hanging from the back of the head that pulls the head up. Lower the shoulders /
arms to the ground, the jaw is relaxed, and the chin slightly tucked in.

Lateral stretch

Lower shoulders,
relaxed jaw, gaze forward, gently tilt your head to the side until you feel a
slight stretching sensation. Then look sometimes down and sometimes upwards
(slowly, no large movement).

Neck exercises: simply prevent pain

Pain and tension
are one thing, preventing them is another. This is precisely the reason why we
have also compiled exercises aimed at training the neck.

The relaxing
massage is a type of massage that uses a special technique to solve muscular
problems, and is especially suited for people suffering from contractures, back
problems and stress. The treatment is mainly carried out on the lumbar area and
on the back, but it can also be used for the muscles of the legs, buttocks and arms.

During a
session, the masseur focuses on the back massage and the person’s
psychophysical well-being, helping the subject to reach a very deep level of
relaxation, which produces long-term beneficial effects, even after finishing
the massage.


Relaxation is
achieved not only through rubbing and the various massage techniques, but also
thanks to the use of particular very fragrant essential oils (such as basil
oil, chamomile and marjoram) and relaxing ambient music. Everything contributes
to improving the person’s emotional and physical well-being and to alleviating
the stress that often builds up on the shoulders and back causing contractures.