Exceptions Treatments for the Smurf Account

Quite logically, these video games reflect a part of our civilization, we can find it on everything and anything. But what interests us today is car video games! List them would obviously take too much time, but we have nevertheless decided to deliver our selection of essentials, to have absolutely at home.

Mario Kart, the undying

Obviously, the inescapable of the inescapable in matters of car video games, it is the giant Mario Kart. Originally, the game was a spin-off from the famous Super Mario series. However, given the enthusiasm it has aroused, Nintendo has decided to repeat the experience and is now in its eighth version, more than twenty years after the first opus was released. The principle is very simple, you select you’re driving avatar, among the characters from the Super Mario universe, and you race with the other characters, on different circuits. Objects from this same universe allow you to attack your competitors, such as turtle shells, or banana skins. The game is also very popular thanks to its multi-player mode. For the lol smurf accounts this is one essential choice for you.

The pros: This game reveals its full potential when it is played together.

Grand Theft Auto, the bad boys game

Just as essential, although much less consensual than Mario Kart, GTA is an excellent adventure video game. So here we leave the world of racing to play a criminal who travels through a city, or a state, to carry out missions and commit armed robberies. The player can thus drive any vehicle that he manages to steal, and make a name for himself in the middle of the gangsters of the game. Equally appreciated by video game enthusiasts, GTA is now in its fifth version. It is, however, quite controversial in public opinion because of the scenes and incitement to violence that it shows.

The pros: cars are an important part of the game, but that’s not all its interest, which lies mainly in its scenario.

Need for speed, for high level pilots

Need for speed is the ultimate racing video game. Unlike other games, this allows the player to shop in a city, instead of the traditional circuit. As a result, the player creates their own course. It is also possible to explore the terrain. The main idea is not to be arrested by the police – except when you play him, and then you have to catch the offenders.

The strong point of the game?

He offers to drive cars that really exist and that make lovers of luxury cars dream, like the Bugatti Veyron or the Lamborghini Reventon.The pros: The player can customize and tune his vehicles much more than any other game.