Better Popularity of Instgram Now

Let us know that you share the
values ​​and aspirations of your subscribers. Posting stories and other types
of Instagram content is not enough. You need to contact people: respond to
their comments, comment on their posts, interact with their content, etc.

Use local content. You can make
your brand much more famous by publishing local-level content. For example,
this may be news related to your business, city or district (again niche).

A good effect is the publication of photographs taken by Instagram users with the obligatory indication of the author, of course and the person is pleased, and his friends and subscribers will notice you. When you share content created by real people, your brand becomes closer to ordinary people. This is valuable, because then you can become a friendly neighbor, and not a faceless business. You can buy instagram views and come up with the choices for increasing the popularity.

A similar strategy has another tangible plus it saves time on creating
original content

Brand identity as a way to promote it

This item is especially relevant
for the luxury segment. For example, the brand specializes in the sale of
luxury makeup products for women. If Instagram contains content from the
category “slippers, children, curlers”, while the store itself can only be
reached after receiving membership on the recommendation, the client may
experience a dissonance.

The same point applies to brand
policy. For example, the cafe’s Instagram profile actively promotes
“children’s” topics: animators for children during the celebration, children’s
rooms, highchairs, etc. All this is accompanied by beautiful and cute
photographs and enthusiastic reviews.

But in fact, they may not be
allowed into the institution with children, the same chairs for babies, etc.
may be absent. The brand should be real, not show.

Be natural and organic in everything

Yes, perhaps a spontaneous
approach to promoting your company or personal brand on Instagram is simpler
and easier, but this does not mean that it is better. It is much wiser to spend
time creating a philosophy and framework for posting, outline a content plan ,
and only then work with a clear target audience.

Avoid duplicate posts. If your
brand is present on other social platforms, take the trouble to ensure that the
content is not duplicated. You can follow a common line for all social
networks, but the posts themselves are better to be made different.

For example, you decided to
create an information-marketing post in different social networks for a children’s
goods store. In practice, it may look like this:

  • option “When you need to introduce
    complementary foods” for the selling post
  • option “Allergy to complementary foods: what to
    do” for a selling Facebook post
  • the option “Where to start lure” for the Instagram
    selling post

Theme is one, but the posts are
different. At the same time, they complement each other. Leaving at the end a
link to other social networks indicating the topic of the post, you will
increase the number of visits, readings, etc. So you can keep more people in