Best Video Games Options in the Right Ways

The video game is an adventure that pushes you to live others, to create bonds, friendships that will last for life and which offers a platform for entertainment as well as for the creativity of its players. But it is also important to be aware that there are tools and features for the game to take place in a safe environment, especially when playing online. With valorant boosting you can find the ways of winning.

At Xbox, we believe that video games must be inclusive and accessible to everyone, all in an environment where you feel safe. As part of Safer Internet Day 2020 (international day for a safer Internet), we offer 5 tips to help you play online safely:

Use parental controls for children and teens

The Microsoft family account offers several ways to tailor the online gaming experience to your needs and those of your children. Among other things, you can choose to receive a weekly report on your children’s activity by email or protect yourself against possible unwanted online purchases. The parental controls features of Xbox offer variable parental control levels that can be adjusted to the child’s age, and everything is done to encourage parent-child discussion.

Take the example of the weekly report previously cited: it allows parents and also children to decrypt the screen time per day depending on the device, to know the sites visited and the applications and games used and the duration of use. In addition, it is just as important to define limits and supervise screen time in order to teach children good practices. Of course, parental control settings can only facilitate the work of parents, whether they are tech-savvy or completely novices, and the role of parents remains paramount.

  • Thanks to the family group system on Xbox and parental control settings, parents can teach children to use technology wisely and even have a great time together as a family.
  • Finally, don’t forget to check the PEGI classification on games. Age labels are there to help you ensure that the child can have an appropriate experience. Here is a link to the PEGI system website.

Keep your personal information to yourself

Do not hesitate to set a very high level of security before you start playing online and never give out your personal information to avoid it being used fraudulently.


Phishing remains a recurring problem. When a stranger tries to access your account by pretending to be part of a competent authority (such as an employee of Microsoft for example), this is called phishing. Keep in mind that Microsoft will never ask you for your password. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, do not hesitate to activate the two-step verification on your account.