Bridal Hairstyles Like You Would Prefer

If the bride wears short hair, which is very common today, she will have the choice between several possibilities: the locks, the colorings or the cut to be tested before D-Day, so as to have time to adapt, see to correct the shooting if it is necessary. You can play on fantasy, retro notches and flat curls, or opt for a “burst” cut to combine with a modern dress. Avoid a wild cut with a classic dress.

Best Dreams Come True

If you dream of a bridal bun despite your short hair, you have hairpieces, extensions or additions! These techniques will give length but also volume to your hair. The extensionsare made on natural hair and are really undetectable. Hair can be washed, colored or permed, and stays in place for several months. It takes several hours to install the 200 wicks which will give a minimum of length. It isimpossible to ask them on D-day. Plan a budget between 280 and 450 $. The additions, whether made from natural wicks or not, are fixed two days before the ceremony and are kept for a fortnight. They are very easy to remove and can therefore be rested at any time. Avoid staying too long in the sun, at the risk of seeing their color change. The price varies between 75 and more than 750 $. For the best Bridal Hair  this is nothing.

Choosing the best Establishment

Many establishments offer “wedding” packages with hairstyling, veiling and even makeup for the bride. Note that the salons do not have a package. Remember to go to your hairdresser the day before for shampoo to lighten the planning for the next day. And on your wedding day, take care of the hairstyle, and always after having done your makeup.

  • Six months before the ceremony, if you do not do it regularly, take a course of vitamin supplements for hair (in pharmacies). Associate with this a mask adapted to the nature of your hair. Do not try hair coloring the week of the wedding, just a light sweep if you want a “sunny” effect.
  • If you want to follow a program to be at your best, we advise you to start it at least four months before the deadline. Combine body care (gym, sauna, hammam, UV) with a balanced diet. You want your overweight to disappear, you want to lose effectively and permanently nn, two, three, five or ten pounds. To be on your wedding day at the top of your beauty, we advise you to start a diet effective, but certainly not draconian. It takes about losing an average of 1 kg per week for a suitable diet.

Hair and Cream

For skin care, always apply a cream day and night. If you have skin problems (redness, pimples, blackheads or others), go see a dermatologist or an esthetician. You can start treatment now. You will be sure that it will take effect before the wedding date. For holidays in the sun, you can ask for advice. For a specific facial treatment, you can make an appointment at a beauty salon one or two weeks before D-Day.